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Create a New Partition

You can create a new testbed partition here. Once it is created, you can access it via the menu on the left (a submenu of "Allocated Nodes" will be created).

IPExternal IPOSStatusLoad1CPU / Mem.Allocate
CTIResearch Academic Computer Technology Institute, Greece (XXX, XXX)
150.140.XXX.XXXn/aLinuxOK0 (12:37)2x 2.13 GHz / 3 GB
150.140.XXX.XXXn/aWindowsOK0 % (12:37)2x 3.1 GHz / 1.75 GB
UNIPDUniversitÓ degli Studi di Padova, Italy (XXX)
147.162.XXX.XXXn/aLinuxOK0 (12:39)2.4 GHz / 512 MB
147.162.XXX.XXXn/aLinuxOK0 (12:39)2.4 GHz / 512 MB

1 On Linux systems, this value is the 5-minute load average value. On Windows systems, this value is the average CPU utilization over the past 5 minutes.


Description of your partition:

public (tick this checkbox to make your partition accessible by all testbed users)

(not functional in demo mode)

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